Saturday, September 8, 2012

I've set off on a jet plane.

Hey guys!

Thanks for coming to read this slapped together poor excuse for literature. Is blogging counted as literature?

As my social media followers would know I've been graciously granted 3 weeks leave from my place of work to embark on a journey across the Pacific into the U S of A. This trip is basically me rewarding myself for things I've achieved since my last major holiday, it's just I've finally had the money to do it.
It's a crash course  in Americana, I'm sure I'll barely touch the surface of all the cultural nuances that make up the USA but I'll try.

Throughout this trip, I'm going to eat my way to learning about the country and immerse myself in it's sporting culture (ticking off two items off my "bucket list" while I'm at it). FYI, those items are:

- Seeing the Boston Redsox take on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.
- Watching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team play in Southbend.

Most of all I'm looking for inspiration (sooooo lame), but it's true. I'm out of my comfort zone, in a foreign country travelling on my own, so at the very least I'll have to come home with a bag full of recipes, fresh approaches to my work life and new experiences.

So check back every few days and come along for the ride (hopefully I can upload photos regularly so it's compensates for my crappy writting).

Good chat.

P.S new blog title, got sick of the old one, apparently Jamie Foxx isn't a pop culture reference that will remain timeless.

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  1. See how many times each day you have to say:
    "No, I'm Australian."

    Ad my only piece of travel advice is simply - "ask the locals 'What would you recommend?'"
    I once asked a bartender that, he recommended a Primanti's Sandwich, the bartender at Primanti's was HOT ... and ... that's my wife!