Tuesday, April 26, 2011


ANZAC Day. Its got nothing to do with the bank and everything to do with biscuits, getting up early, and footy. Well, to Gen Y's anyway (except for the getting up early part).

But what its really about is of course, remembering the landing on Galipoli in WWI (if you dont know what that is, read a book or get the movie, it features a young Mel Gibson pre-anti-semitism). A day that marks the bravery/ ingenuity/ and valor of Australian troops.

Even though I'm first generation Australian, I can appreciate this contribution to Australian society, plus it's a day off... Well on this day off, i took some time out and headed to the Shrine of Remembrance to take it in, quiet; sombre; and basked in the very orange light. Photos below.

BUT HEY ANDY! WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER WARS?! You know like the one your grandparents were in (Vietnam War)?

That's what Remembrance Day is for. We'll get to that in about seven months.

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