Saturday, September 15, 2012

New England! Boston, Massachusetts and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I've been sick. Jet lag absolutely hit me for six straight from the get go, I guess people weren't meant to cross 10 time zones and still be able to function normally. So there I was in the twilight of a New English summer, coughing and snotting like it was the deepest of Melbourne winters. Sad times indeed.

Despite my ailing condition I had to venture on. My auntie wouldn't of let me do other wise. In the moment, I would of sold my first born for a litre of Demazin and a hot tea, but in hindsight I'm grateful for being dragged from one New English attraction to another.

The first two days in NE for me was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a sleepy harbour town 70 miles north of Boston. and 5 mins south of the Maine border. The home to my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. They'd been living there for about 6 years and were keen to show me what village life was all about. Basically, all they do there is: Not eat junk food; ride their bikes; go to school; be healthy; and breathe in magnificent Atlantic ocean air. Not a bad way to live if you ask me. Apparenty, seafood is a bigdeal in New England, they made me know about it on my first night there, ordering 7 (yes seven) lobsters which I ate until I was drunk on crustacean juice. It was so delicious dipped in melted butter sauce and lime juice. The rest of the weekend in Portsmouth was pretty chill, catching up with my long distance family. Sometimes when you're sick and 30000 miles from home, the thing you need is family.

Sunday night, and I'm in Boston. Against my better judgetment, I decided to go out dranking with some of the people in the Friend St Hostel (great establishment for back packers, low fuss with friendly service). Being in downtown Boston, drinks are always at the ready, and the jugs was flowing it was great times, topped off by waking up with no hangover, Yes!

Boston, as it was told to me was the locus of America's fight for independence from the British and you can definitely see that as you walk around town. Absolutely loved the architecture of the city, the amount of 18th century brickwork buildings were amazing, from Faneuil Hall to the New State House to Harvard Yard, some of the most gorgeous buildings I've laid eyes on. Apart from dead presidents and nice buildings, Boston is also the home of Clam Chowder, a bowl of  creamy mollusc-y bacon-y spud-y  goodness, words cannot describe the feeling of comfort when eating this soup, you need to try it to know what I'm harping on about. Throughout my week in Boston, did nothing but solidify it as one of my top 2 American cities, with it's slower cool college town pace of life (Boston is home to over 90 colleges, with a population of about 1.4million). I loved walking around taking in the sights (mainly beautiful college students) and chilling in the Common, but the absolute highlight of my Boston visit was the Redsox vs Yankees game at Fenway Park, the oldest stadium in baseball. It was a tough night for the Redsox, going down 5-3, having their starting 2nd baseman rushed off to hospital cos his wife was in labour and having their biggest cheer squad kicked out of the game. Yes, in my first apperance at Fenway Park, I was ejected from the stadium, a feat I'd never achieved even back home in Melbourne!

Not to worry though, we had more beers in teh bar out side the stadium.

Here's some photos below, more photos will be available on my Facebook. I'm in New York now, so hopefully I'll get a new shorter blog up soon. Catch.

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